Best Friends and Bloggers


I married Anne’s brother Brian when Annie was a teeny bopper . I always admired her sassy outfits, adoring personality, and loving relationship she had with her parents. She was the only Hall sibling I ever saw frequently giving her dad hugs or just sitting on his lap. She also had a way with shopping with her mother that made me chuckle. Well, I watched this young teenager fall in love and I heard the endless Taylor romance stories via Rozanne and still remember meeting Taylor as a 16 year old with a crush on Annie. He came by to visit her one night when we were in town and they went on a walk down to the new Albertson’s just built on North Phoenix. I thought he was a cutie with highlights. Annie grew up and became the lovely Anne Hall, college Freshman at Heritage (or Fresh-Hotty as I liked to call her) and she had the wonderful blessing of being roommates with dear friends from her hometown throughout her college days. I was envious of their relationship with one another, wishing I too had that close of bond with friends from church/highschool.

Twice yearly I was fortunate enough to witness their close bond as they would spend conference weekend at our little condo in downtown Salt Lake City. They would camp out in my little den, spend the night, watch conference, scrapbook, and go out for a yummy dinner where I would tag along. I loved this semi-annual tradition and felt like the big sister to these ladies. Well now they are all adults, graduates, wives, and mothers/future mothers. They are also some of my favorite blog visitors. I am so glad that they remain best of friends and that this technological world we live in allows us to scatter across the world but chat about sprinkler woes, giant crickets, old houses, music, Tom Cruise and some really great rainy days.


7 responses to “Best Friends and Bloggers

  1. Jill–they’re my most loyal blog visitors too! Do you think we should feel bad that we don’t have enough of our own friends and need to borrow Anne’s, or good because they’re so young and cute and still like us?

  2. Liz, it’s definitely good. You guys are serious heroes in my world…bearing children, staying married, continuing to smile, and writing about it all on blogs. I love it. Jill (and Liz) you guys just feel like one of the gals to me. Love ya, Jill. Thanks for writing about us 🙂

  3. “OH, Tear” Jill, I am seriously crying! HA! I love you. Isn’t it funny what lifes perspectives do? Here I am thinking how cool is Jill? She let us come up and stay with her in SLC and she treated us sooooo good. Someday I want to be as cool as she is. And ditto what Em said, you are so one of the girls. I have felt so blessed to have you close by. You do such nice things like bring our little family a lasagna dinner (yum), and give us a jogging stroller, and chat with me in the mothers lounge at church (I miss that by the way). You are such a good friend and I love you!!

  4. And I am the lucky one who gets to live by Jill! I miss all of you wonderful girls-it’s always good to see any of you, and your spouses and kids!!

  5. Gosh, Jill! I am blushing and smiling ear to ear! Thanks for the blog tribute to me and my gals! It is true–I have often marvelled at the blessing of having friends that have known me since elementary school and are still my greatest friends. Amazing. Those conference weekends were always the best, and I STILL miss them! I miss you living here. I used to love to spend the night up there and eat otter pops with Andrew and hold the girlies. One of my most hilarious memories is when I was engaged and student-teaching I came up one afternoon. We were sitting in the family room chatting and you said, “Has anyone given you the ‘sex talk’ yet? I’m going to give you the ‘sex talk.'” And you did. And I think you were the perfect nurse/sis for the job! I LOVE YOU!!

  6. How fun! I was talking to Anne tonight about how, when I move and get to start “anew” I want to be just like you! I remember all those conference weekends and how much fun they were…you were like our big sister and it was so much fun. I remember going to the little Italian place for dinner up in Salt Lake and having such a fun time, and when you were living in the condo and you were showing us Andrews cute crib and all the little stuff you got him and then Brian took my blood pressure – and I don’t even really remember why? Memories I won’t soon forget! I feel so lucky everyday that I have such great friends! Oh Liz, of course we like you, you two are SO COOL!

  7. Thanks Jill! I am just glad Anne shares you with us. Those conference weekends were some of my favorite college memories! I miss that. I am glad we get to blog together too, and keep in touch with all the things happening in your life.

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