Chicken Little Lizzie ‘D’


Elizabeth is an animal lover. She inherits this trait from her aunt Chelsea who too was a great pet collector in her childhood. hall-photos-october-december-076.jpgElizabeth’s favorite pet in this world is her Uncle Steven’s chickens. She chases them around, picks them up, hall-photos-december-february-234.jpgholds them like they are a baby doll hall-photos-october-december-073.jpgand pets their headshall-photos-december-february-241.jpg. The chickens have put up with her antics for nearly a year now and still produce an egg hall-photos-october-december-071.jpgdaily for her enjoyment. She recently named one of the black chickens “Nana.” I think she is paying homage to her Nana hall-photos-december-february-086.jpgHall. Her Nana Hall is trying to decide if being honored as a chicken is a good thing. I have to think it fits nicely as she is a mother hen, does a lot of clucking with her family and friends, has produced numerous “eggs” herself (not a bad one in the bunch), and this particular chicken is quite slender and good looking (and also has the same short haircut)! I just hope that she doesn’t name a pig one day after me. For now, I am just fine with having Lizzie play with chickens.


5 responses to “Chicken Little Lizzie ‘D’

  1. This whole thing is hilarious! The picture of Nana with the chickens (is one of those Nana?) –priceless.

  2. Oh my gosh Jill–those are such cute pictures of little Lizzy with the chickens. I think naming one of them after Nana is perfectly appropriate as long as we refer to it as a hen and not just a chicken.

  3. Taylor and I are here at the computer dying laughing!!!!!! Jill, you have CAPTURED all this so perfectly on camera! Absolutely presh. Love that Nana Hall and that Lizzy and your GREAT posts!! Can’t wait to be at the ranch with y’all (hopefully July?)!!

  4. It is so fun to see all YOUR little chicks growing up. I love hearing all about their personalities and your lives together. I love the story about the hen named Nana! Too funny.

  5. You have the cutest children I have ever seen!! I am amazed that she will just pick the chickens up! I would be too nervous I think! The ranch looks like such a great time! Your children will always remember all the fun times they had on grandma and grandpa’s ranch!

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