Sweet Sophie


Since Ethan’s arrival Sophie has been my little helper. She will help me with diaper changes by getting me a fresh diaper, wipes, and hand sanitizer. She helps with feeds by getting me his rice cereal or a zwieback toast for Ethan to chew on. She will get Ethan toys to play with while he is sitting in his bouncer or on the ground. She will even entertain him when he is fussy. And, most importantly in her eyes, she makes sure Ethan feels loved. She hugs him on average 30-40 times a day. This has bothered me for 6 months as I watch him get irritated by being smothered, accidentally tipped over, or woken up from a nap by all this hugging. But then, this morning, I watched Ethan’s reaction as Sophie exited her bedroom and walked down the hallway. He started cooing for her, giving her little giggles, and a huge smile! He clearly has developed a closeness with Sophie. I have quickly realized I need to change my attitude about these hugs and realize she just loves him and is already such a big sister to him and such a good helper. She is my sweet little Sophie.


3 responses to “Sweet Sophie

  1. Um, could she be more gorgeous?! I love to hear all that. Taylor is always tyring to convince me that we should have our kids close together, and it’s good to be reminded that they can be so helpful and entertain each other.

  2. Sweet with a mischievous streak, no? It’s almost like she’s blood-related to her father….

    I love the kids’ interactions with each other — it’s one of the things that makes all this craziness worthwhile. Can you even imagine being an only child?

  3. I have a 2 year old and a 3 month old and I feel your pain & your joy. I feel so guilty when I can’t protect my little one, but it is amazing to see how excited my 2 year old gets when the baby smiles at her. It makes it worth playing referee the rest of the time.

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