Ode to Tina

hall-photos-december-february-214.jpg hall-photos-december-february-226.jpgMy dear sister is in Israel on a study abroad and she recently left me a message on my answering machine. It was fairly surreal to think she was just dropping a message from thousands of miles away in the lands that the Savior walked. I miss her terribly and thought I would pay homage to my sister.


1. She cleans like I clean but takes it even to a more anal degree

2. She will stay up till 3am painting with me and then beg me to sleep in because I must be so tired

3. She loves my babies as if they are her own and calls them frequently to just chat

4. When she is The Drama Queen and throws a tantrum, you can’t help but laugh

5. She IS the straight talk express with her parents

6. She is very fashionable and can’t ever say no to a good pair of pants…or shoes…or shirt…or jewelry

7. She won’t live away from home in good old Orem but will live for months, thousands of miles away, in the far off lands of Hawaii and Jerusalem

8. She’s a prude but in a good way

9. She is so charitable, kind, compassionate, trustworthy, and loving

10. She’s just like me

 Hugs and loves Eeeners!


One response to “Ode to Tina

  1. Hey Jill! Just thought I’d make the first comment on this blog! Thanks!!!! It made me feel so loved when I read this. I love you much and miss you and I’m excited to come spend some time with my babies and you and Brian!

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