“Little” Ethan


I don’t know if there is a happier kid than my Ethan.


Maybe it is because his large head holds more brain mass with more”happy” brain cells. 


Maybe it is because he is so fat with over 18 fat rolls (27 lbs at 6 months)?


Maybe because simple things like Rice Cereal make him happy?


Maybe he just smiles to distract us from the fact that he can’t roll from his belly to back STILL! 

april-42007-144.jpg hall-photos-december-february-188.jpg

Maybe it is because he is really just a white version of Papa Martin who we all know is endlessly cheerful?


Maybe it is because despite his size he can still grab his toes (and possibly tickle them?). 

I don’t know…but you just can’t help smiling when you look at him.


I love my Ethan.


3 responses to ““Little” Ethan

  1. Uhhhh…speechless! Blaine just hit 20 pounds! He is SO PRESH, Jill! Seeing that pic of Grandpa Martin made me miss him. Hi “Uncle” Glenn!!

  2. I giggled all the way through this post! He is darling and sweet and adorable and OH SO CUTE! My mom tells me what a big boy he is and then she giggles cause she thinks he is the cutest thing she’s ever seen! I would have to agree!

  3. Hi Jill…
    I love your blogs…you inspire me to get more detailed and blog more often. Your dad will most likely be my girls principal soon! We’re moving to Saratoga Springs…I miss you tons…

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