The Cow’s Came Home


My father-in-law is an Idaho farm boy who has been trapped in suburban living for 40 years. So a year ago, at the age of 67 he decided to buy a 43 acre hay ranch. Well, his first year was a wake up call, complete with well problems, fence problems, runaway cattle, rain, and irrigation issues. But, after the initial shock of the 1st year, he summed up the ranch as a learning experience, one that he intended to continue improving upon. In April, despite having lost his cattle the previous year 2 times and then not making a great profit on them (probably losing money if you consider the lost sleep and hours running around trying to catch his cows and return them to his pasture), he still wanted to buy cows and have them back this spring.  Well, the cow’s came home on April 5th and this old farmer said he was in heaven.


6 responses to “The Cow’s Came Home

  1. i love the yard its very green

  2. Jill, this picture is hilarious! Did you get him to pose that way, or was he really lounging in the field? Thanks for helping the parents take care of their livestock — I think this would have been harder for them to accomplish were it not for you. The ranch is so heavenly — we can’t wait to be there in two weeks!

  3. How cute is Roger and his Ranch? I have still never seen it in person. I would love to see your kids out there on there horses, or are they ponies? I think we also need to get together and take pictures of Ethan and Emma! What do you think? Emma may not like other adults too much but she LOVES other babies.

  4. Oh! that picture makes me so homesick for the beauty of Oregon…

  5. Could Rog be any cuter?! LOVE THAT PICTURE! I loved when he came to Provo last year to see brand new Blaine and told me about chasing the cattle about 2 miles when they escaped. “And I had my big rubber boots on and slipped a couple times in the mud, but I tell ya, I think I’ve got the heart of a 20 year-old ’cause I just kept running!”

  6. What a great picture and Anne’s comment made me laugh out loud! Miss you all!

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