5152007-andrew-loses-a-tooth-003.jpgIn July of 2005, 4 year old Andrew had the unfortunate event of tripping and landing face first into a hardwood step in our home. He had 3 teeth that were dislodged and had to be painfully extracted.  Brian explained to him that night that he was a lucky boy as he would be the first of his friends to experience the Tooth Fairy. Late that night, Brian removed the envelope of teeth and slipped 30$ (a twenty dollar bill and a 10 dollar bill) under his pillow, 10$ for each tooth. Now, first of all, any wise mother would know this is way to much money and the child can’t even really comprehend (fortunately) what the tooth fairy has brought. But, you just don’t argue of the small stuff with Brian. So, early the next morning, Andrew raced into our bedroom holding his money and exclaiming the Tooth Fairy had brought him 2 dollars. In his eyes, he had received 2 dollars (despite the bill value). So now, nearly 2 years later, we had our first official tooth fall out, and I mean it fell out on it’s own without any assistance. You see, Andrew had this loose tooth back in March. I encouraged him to wiggle it and he wasn’t interested. It became looser with time and then I made the unfortunate mistake in trying to yank it out with floss prematurely. All this did is cause pain and misery for Andrew. Brian had the same response. My dad came into town and I proudly told Andrew, “Grandpa Martin can get any tooth out!” He was an expert at this after having extracted teeth from 8 children over the years. He yanked gently and it not only stayed stuck, it bleed. Andrew was so traumatized by this point I was convinced he wouldn’t let anyone else touch his mouth. But, 2 weeks later, Aunt Michelle was in town and she too took a try, with only additional bleeding as her result. So, on May 12, after no further prodding and having been resting at a 90 degree angle in Andrew’s mouth for 2 weeks, it decided to fall out. And much to Andrew’s delight, the Tooth Fairy brought him a dollar.


4 responses to “Tooth-Less

  1. I’m glad your tooth fairy chilled out. She was making our tooth fairy look chintzy. Ben has the polar opposite problem of Andrew when it comes to teeth. If he has one that is just a little bit loose, he wiggles and wiggles until that tooth comes out, even if it has the root still attached! Isn’t that scary and disgusting? A recent trip to the dentist assured us he hasn’t done any damage, but can you imagine the pain tolerance the kid has?

  2. Jill, I can’t believe how big Andrew is. The last time I saw him in real life he was Henry’s age–it’s been a long time. Hugs from Texas…

  3. hahahaha . . . too bad Mrs. Robison (I think that was her name- you know the SHORT kindergarten teacher) isn’t in Oregon. I heard she was a real pro at that. I think it’s hysterical that everyone gave it a shot. . . poor Andrew!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS Andrew! Have your dad tell the story about the time he had a loose tooth and wanted to get it out with the help of a bow and arrow… 🙂

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