My Mother


Dear Mommy, 

I am giving you the biggest long distance hug I can give and can’t wait to snuggle with you again soon. I love you mom.


Reasons Why I Love My Mom

1) She fed me Mac & Cheese and Vienna Sausages growing up to make me “strong”. 2) Thanks to her, all family vacations came complete with a treat bucket and a port-a-potty. 3) She let me be a Tom Boy despite dressing me in foo-foo girly stuff. 4) She came to my Basketball games in high school in blue scrubs (also our school colors). 5) She was always the life of a party and as a child I loved to listen to her spin a tale. 6) She taught me the appropriate way to make a bed. 7) She gave me the privilege of dusting her house over 1 million times. 8) She gave me the privilege of vaccuuming her house over 2 million times. 9) She gave me the privilege of cleaning the kitchen over 3 million times. 10) In exchange for the above mentioned chores, I was not required to help prepare dinner meals-yuk. 11) I learned that some @@###$@$ words in her vocabulary were always a doctor’s fault. 12) Because of her, I became a nurse and that was the best career choice I ever could have made. 13) During college she would lay on the floor in the office and be my physical support while I pulled all nighters writing papers. 14) She took me to the Scera Pool every year growing up and taught me how to swim. 15) She cleaned my house and watched my kids every Friday when I was working full time in Salt Lake. 16) She still works with me for hours in my yard, in my house, anytime. 17) She gives me back rubs. 18) She snuggles with me and still will hold me on her lap and cuddle. 19) I learned the importance of prayer as I would frequently walk in on her on her hands and knees in her bedroom. 20) I learned the importance of service as she was always the first to respond to a neighbor in need. 21) She makes a yummy cheescake, roast, and ferry rolls. 22) A date night out meant going to Costco. 23) No food was too old to salvage for a “leftover night.” 24) Ice Cream with crystals on it was normal. 25) Frozen sloppy joes is always a meal when camping and also doubles as ice for your cooler. 26)  “Latch-key” is a four letter word (even though I was one). 27) Bad knees shouldn’t slow anyone down. 28) You always take care of your mother. 29) She has a listening ear and will let you vent and vent with you. 30) She loves all her children “equally” but Cameron was a pill as a child. 31) We all are big boned. 32) Martin women could have crossed the plains. 33) She loves me and shows me this in everything she does.


3 responses to “My Mother

  1. Jill, that’s an awesome tribute to an awesome mother. I am grateful to know her and love her, and am so grateful for you and all your extended family.

  2. Um, your girls are too cute for words. And I loved your motherly tribute. Taylor and I adore your mom. She is absolutely hilarious, plus she makes everyone feel like a million bucks.

  3. At the risk of sounding like a Rush Limbaugh fan, dittoes. Your mom is fabulous. Well of course she is — girls like you don’t just materialize out of thin air.

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