Time Out for Women



I had the opportunity to take a road trip with several dear friends up to Portland Oregon this past weekend to attend Time Out for Women. It is basically a traveling women’s conference for LDS women. I came away with such a renewed sense of trying to be a better person. The speakers all had a powerful influence on me. We also were able to explore a bit of Portland and that was fun! It was just the respite I needed. I a was also able to relax and not stress about my family because my sister Michelle flew into town and helped out. I love her!

 Anyways, here are some comments made by 3 of my favorite speakers.

Wendy Watson Nelson

The Lord uses the unlikely to accomplish the impossible-Elder Nelson

Hebrews 10:32  After being enlightened Paul was challenged/tried.

Look unto me in EVERY Thought!

30 Day Experiment: The Book of Mormon is the answer book to lifes issues. Take one question a day to the book after starting with a prayer and you will find your answer.

 You can only progress so far in certain environments.

Sheri Dew

The Savior heals and he heals without a scar.

Last Days: Determination to face the world and be fearless in doing so.

1-Something small usually stops our forward progress.

2-The solution is to backup and evaluate.

3-Then turn your life over to the Lord with the Savior as your focus.

Mortals make mistakes!!!

The Relief Society Presidency prepares a message with inspiration and revelation from the heavens.

Jane Clayson Johnson

Sometime it is hard to make the good choices in our easy living world.

The is a shoe for every season of your life. Don’t let others push you into shoes you are not meant to wear during that season.


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