My Superhero


I have the amazing privilege to be a mother to a superhero. It’s a tough life for him, saving the world everyday from the “bad guys.” But he does it, day in and day out. He puts on his rainbow cape, loading the back of his shirt with his many light sabers and pirate swords, has a backpack full of additional creative weapons and off he goes, into the dangerous basement, backyard, bedroom, or other bad guy hiding spots. My superhero only wears superhero clothing. The only shirts that are on his skin have primarily spiderman, batman or superman on them. His Nana keeps him adequately attired. He will only wear pants with many pockets, to hold his weapons, radios, bombs, and treats of course! Sometimes, he allows even his sisters to be his superhero sidekicks. He also loves to show us how all of his muscles are becoming “super-sized!”


As a mother, I hope these days never end. His imaginary play is so much fun to observe and be a part of. For the past several months, Andrew has asked for a superhero bedtime story. So each night, I dig up a creative story from the back of my brain to tell him. Our stories always involve a superhero kid named Andrew. We are currently on chapter 42. We have saved the world from evil villians in the water, the sky, the mountains, at school, on the streets, around the world, and especially, ones that attack his home. He is such a good kid. I love this little boy. He will be a superhero in today’s world, battling evil with good thoughts, deeds and actions. His powers will grow stronger over Satan and he will be a leader. I am sure a lucky mother. I love my superhero.


4 responses to “My Superhero

  1. I’m so glad he lets the girls be his sidekicks. Superman is nowhere without Wonderwoman. Steven and I used to play those very roles in our underoos. Do they still make those?

  2. Jill, this is areally special blog about Andrew. He truly is the most amazing superhero, because he is so gentle and sensitive and so pleasant, a pleasure to be with, so undemanding (except when he’s dying for new Yugio (sp?) cards!

  3. Your boy is a SUPERHERO, just like his MOTHER! As I read this little blog, I had a flod of memories of when I was your side kick super hero and you would always let me play with you. This also reminded me of the times we would watch Karate Kid or Rocky and we would stuff our pillows up our shirts and beat each other up. Anyways, it is late and I should be getting to bed, but I just wanted to say your one of my SUPERHEROS!

  4. I agree with Cameron – You’ve been a hero to many of us for a long time!

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