Baby Fat


Why is it that baby fat is so stinkin’ cute?  This is a picture of my cute neice Mary (13 mos.), nephew Blaine (9 mos.), and my son Ethan’s legs (4 mos.). My adorable Ethan is loaded with baby fat (far right set of legs) and I just can’t get enough of playing with his rolls and watching him wobble back and forth on his tummy. His neck is so hidden that I have to douse an inch thick of powder and massage it into his neck crease. Baby fat just never get’s old. Then there is adult fat, which I currently have plenty of. It wiggles and jiggles just like Ethan’s but is not found so adorable. It’s quite repulsive to Brian.  I tend to refer to my fat as the spare tire, the cottage cheese, the “too many big mac meals” weight, and oh, my favorite, the “baby weight.” During my pregnancies I have accumulated a total of 230 additional pounds to my body and, for the most part, peeled it off with diet and exercise. I have an extra 30 lbs still on me at 6 months post partum that I would really like to get off right now and am trying to do so. I dusted off the “Abs of Steel” workout tapes with Tammy Lee (my arch enemy) and the “Buns of Steel” tapes and have been busting my butt so I can fit back into my prepregnancy clothes. In 1999 I was at my peak optimal fitness and weight. And it only took a 600 calorie diet and 3 hours of exercise daily!!!  I am not going to be that extreme but would sure like that body back (but that was the pre-baby body). It’s a good thing that atfter the end of long workout and very long day of mothering, I can still play with my favorite fat–Ethan’s!


7 responses to “Baby Fat

  1. Jilly-Welcome to the blogging world! Mom just gave me your address and I’m so excited to read your thoughts. Isn’t writing like this good therapy? It has helped me a lot. You didn’t mention in this post that Ethan’s chub in that picture is all the more impressive since he is many months younger than the other babes. Poor little Mary may never make it out of her infant carseat! Just 18 lbs. at 15 months.

  2. Hey Jill,
    Anne left your page open and I saw it. Dang those little chubby legs are cute. Of course, Blaine could never be accurately described as chubby, but he’s cute too. Good luck with Tammy Lee. I just had my first weight training class at BYU–we’ll see how that goes. It’s been two years since I’ve done anything–whoops!

  3. Yea! Welcome to the world of blogging! It is so fun to write–and is a great way to journal. Also, I love that I can hear about your fun little daily goings-on. Love to you…

  4. Papa Martinez

    Just read your blog… wow… another thing to keep up on. This technological world is amazing.. As we consider our emotional bank accounts, I am sitting here listening to Chelsea practicing the piano… a difficult piece with runs and trills galore. I am wondering how Tina is doing on a jet soaring to Israel tonight, excited to wake up in the Holy Land for her course of study for the next six weeks. Michelle is in the air to visit my grandkids, just off a 5 hour date with a “hottie” according to her sister, Dyana. Just talked to Nettie about the exciting events surrounding home ownership. I look at those little legs and it seems like yesterday when these wonderful daughters were that exact same size. Ethan has Martin legs… but I know that one day they will be tall and slender… so tonight I am not too concerned.

    Last night we went out with with the four girls and Grandpa and Grandma Woolley and spent two hours in the restaurant, musing and laughing about past vacations, silly interactions and final hugs to Tina. It was a little bit of heaven.
    Once we were at home, we knelt and thanked God for our sweet family and the love that we share.

    Time will fly and babes will grow and before you know it… poof… they are adults and you are getting older hoping never to be like those old folks who you know that are cranky and forgetful. But just for tonight… let those worries go and relish the moment… bask in the joy and love of family. Tonight my emotional bank account is full and bearing interest!

  5. Your Favorite (chelsea)

    Oh my goodness Jill. I don’t know if I can take this. You and blogging?! This is to much to chew for one day! haha anywho I just wanted to welcome you into the world of technology! Yay! Celebration!

  6. Hi Jill,
    I kind of feel like I’m intruding on a family party, but I just had to say hi ’cause you’re one of my favorite people. (I linked my way over from Liz’s blog, I love how all of you Hall women have become bloggers!) I want to come over and play with Ethan’s fat–what a squish! Hope you guys are all well, I’m excited to be able to keep track of your little family on your blog. Hearts,
    Emily (Folsom) Williams

  7. Oh man Jill, Or should I say a.k.a Silly Jilly Bean! I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. Just kidding. I think you are Amazing. I remember at one of the parties you were given a picture of wonder women. That is exactly what I think of you. And as to the chubby days… Mine have never left me. I just tell everyone, my Fat just likes me! Like grandma said at the trough at chuck-a-rama. Food is just Wickidly Good. I love you sister. Give each child a HUGE hug from there Favorite Aunt!

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