A Deposit in my Emotional Bank Account

Money   As a mother, I have really come to appreciate those special moments when we are together as our little family unit. Last night, I read a couple of stories out of the our church’s Friend Magazine while Andrew, Lizzie and Sophie listened intently. Brian lay on the ground tossing a football to and fro with Andrew. When asked if the children had ever felt hurt or left out, Andrew piped up (with a quiver in his lip) that he felt that way when his sisters were mean to him. We asked him how his sisters might feel when he had a friend over and he wouldn’t let his sisters play with he and his friend. Andrew, completely oblivious to the similarities in experiences, erupted in a giggle saying it was fun to run from his sisters. We tried to teach the children a lesson from this moment, but truly wondered what was absorbed into their 3, 4, and 6 year-old heads. Afterwards, giant dog piles on Brian ensued with several bumps and bruises to dad. I just loved this little moment. It was nothing major but special to me. I remember my mother-in-law’s frequent comment of putting these special moments in an emotional bank account. Then, when times our rough, you can withdraw one of these memories to hold you over till the rocky time subsides. This moment was deposited last night.


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