Sharing Your Light

Sharing Your Light

I started reading blogs just one month ago when my two sister-in-laws created their own sites. I found their writings comical, insightful, and most importantly, inspirational. Their simple musings of their daily life light me up. Along with my sister-in-law’s blogs, my Grandma Woolley has been a devoted journal writer and I have grown to love reading her journal e-mail entries she sends daily. Many of her entries have included an account she had with me and a flood of my own memories of these events rush back. She has been a tremendous inspiration. All of these electronic entries have made me think of my inadequate journal writing, especially in the past decade of life during which I have married, had children, driven a minivan and officially have a mortgage.  It’s hard when you haven’t written for so long to sit down and explain the last 10 years, especially when your penmanship is lacking . But I now feel like I have found my avenue for journal entries, complete with pictures and even the smallest of notes. So to Liz, Anne, and Grandma Woolley, I thank you for sharing your light.


One response to “Sharing Your Light

  1. I love this jill and glad that your starting this I wish i could but don’t have any of the time. we love you guys and miss you. Also nicole thinks that baby fat rolls are way adorable and cute. ethan truly has those rolls. love ya your bro

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